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Home Day Care

Have you ever wanted the luxury of going to the store all by yourself, a relaxing yoga, or maybe a quiet lunch with a friend? How about a peaceful trip to your doctor, or just time to yourself, while giving your child the benefits of socializing with their peers in a nurturing, recreational home day care?

Attending a daycare is of great importance to young children without prior experience away from their parents. Barbara Shipley’s Home Daycare gives them a wonderful opportunity to prepare for preschool (Pre K) and kindergarten with gentle and loving encouragement.

At Barbara Shipley’s Home Daycare , I make these dreams come true with my day care service. With a stimulating and educational program, your child will enjoy a rewarding experience.

I feature a variety of activities that encourage exploration, learning, self-esteem, and social skills in a fun and loving home day care.

I keep a loving and attentive environment, catering to the individual needs of each child at their particular developmental stage. I make it a priority to make everyday fun, educational, and rewarding to all.

To learn more about my private home day care in Santa Clara, CA, call Barbara Shipley’s Home Daycare today.